CabKing 6" Cabbing Machine | Lapidary Rock Grinder Polisher | Model CABKING-6V3

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Product description

The CabKing 6" cabbing machine is a complete grinding and polishing machine that is guaranteed to fulfill all your cabbing needs. Grind and polish rocks to make cabochons for necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry pieces, or, polish glass, synthetic material and metals. Whether you’re a beginner, lapidary hobbyist or jewelry making pro, the CabKing is easy to use at any skill level. The CabKing 6" features six 6" diameter diamond wheels that complete the entire rough-to-polish process. Its powerful, 1/4hp, 1800rpm, 110v direct drive motor is a powerhouse and reduces the maintenance because there are no belts or pulleys. One of the key features on the CabKing is its water system, which is based on an independently-controlled drip feed cooling system that drips CLEAN water on the wheels. Individual on/off water shut off valves are installed above each wheel so you can control the water flow from a drip to a stream. Our simplified drain system allows the dirty, used water to drain out instead of forcing you to constantly empty the pans.

This machine includes everything you need to start cabbing:
  • Two 6" electroplated diamond grinding wheels: 80# and 220#
  • Four 6" diamond resin wheels: 280#, 600#, 1200# and 3000#
  • One 6" electroplated full-face diamond lap for use on the right shaft
  • One 6" canvas polishing pad for use on the right shaft with 14,000 mesh diamond paste
  • Submersible water pump, 30-watt
  • Removable stone trays, hand rests, splash guards, safety goggles, and waterproof apron
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

Machine dimensions and weight

27″ L X 14″ W X 17″ H, 62lbs

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